Matheteuo display a single verse of the Bible and gives access to Strong’s definition as well as morphological informations when clicking on a word.


The idea is to automatically generate some exercice similar to the Daily dose of Hebrew or Daily dose of Greek videos.

It uses the Sword library to access texts, dictionnaries and morphologicals repositories.

The following books are supported:

  • OSHB : Open Scripture Hebrew Bible
  • MorphGNT : SBL Greek New Testament
  • LXX : Septuagint

Matheteuo should runs on any Linux box. It has been tested with Debian Stretch, Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 28. As long as the Sword library and Qt are installed, i see no reason it could not run on Mac or even Windows. However, this has not been tested and i have no plan to try :-) I may try to see if it can be run on Android.

Read the INSTALL.txt file for installation instructions.